The Billionaire Branson Brothers Collection: 

Smoking hot, troubled, and loaded-meet the billionaire brothers of Branson.
Each brother grapples with his own past demons while seeking true love with the newcomers in town. Dive into standalone novels that chronicle each brother's journey, delivering "sweet with heat" romances that will leave you yearning for your very own Midwest man!

I move to Branson to be on my own, and end up with a billionaire, fake fiance.

I'm excited to leave the rodeo life and drama behind and move to Branson.

I find a perfect job in a perfect town, where I can disappear.

Until I crash my car into Raylan Whitmore.

Raylan and his brothers ARE Branson’s drama. Bad boys with reputations of leaving broken hearts wherever they go.

When my ex finds me at work, Raylan steps in and claims to be my fiancee to protect me. I begin to see he has redeeming qualities beyond his good looks and rock hard body.

As I am forced into the spotlight and Raylan’s life I find I like someone looking out for me.

I start to imagine a real life with Raylan until secrets from my past threaten the chances of any future with him.

My heart is with Raylan, but will he ever trust me again?

He left town, left me broken hearted and PISSED!

Now, the boy who broke my heart wants to make amends—but I don’t know if I can trust Jesse Whitmore with my heart again.

We are both back in Branson, working together, and sparks still smolder between us.

I see the changes in Jesse. I see the honorable man he’s become.

But caring for my dying father and facing the man that broke my heart is a lot of emotion for me to deal with. One day I am ready to take a chance, the next I am pushing him away.

The wounds never fully healed, the anger never went away—but neither did my love for him. I’m terrified of losing my chance at happiness with Jesse once more.

I want to believe hearts can heal.

If second chances exist, we’ll have to fight for ours.

Tattooed and troubled are not the top qualities I am looking for in a man, but that is exactly what I found…

Luke Whitmore, youngest of the billionaire Branson Brothers, is a troublemaker—just ask anyone in this small town.

When an injured horse forces us together, we butt heads right away. But soon, his unexpected sweet side reels me in.

The way he cares for the horse; I can’t help imagining him caring for me and my baby the same way.

But Luke has a seedy past and his friends from that life won’t let him forget it.

Can I have that kind of man around me and my baby?

Can he leave his past behind?

The way I feel when we are together is undeniable, but I have to do what’s right for my baby.

If Luke wants me to believe he’s ready for a family, he’s going to have to prove it.

When a gorgeous smooth-talking stranger breezed into my diner, I never expected that trouble would be on the menu- and that's not all...

My hackles rose the minute Mr. Big City Wheeler-Dealer Carson Daniels stepped into the restaurant raving about "untapped potential" and threatening my fierce independence.

Soon though, this suave businessman has me rethinking not just slick new decor but my rigid views on dating outsiders.

Yet even as our plans intertwine toward re-launching my granddad's eatery into a trendy gastro pub,Carson remains cagey about his own agenda for lingering in my sleepy community for so long.

In a town like Branson, every little action can have big rippling effects. If I dare to trust this mystery investor as more than a casual fling, it could mean handing him the keys to everything from my heart to the very soul of the diner I've poured my heart into.

But Carson Daniels, just might be worth the risk.

The Unlikely Billionaire Collection: 

Seeking a man who's not afraid to get his hands dirty while sweeping you off your feet? Look no further than this captivating collection of romance novels! Discover three standalone books featuring irresistible blue-collar men who are as skilled with their hands as they are with matters of the heart. Each story introduces a wealthy, down-to-earth hero ready to fulfill your every desire. With relatable characters, gripping drama, steamy love scenes, and guaranteed happily ever afters, this collection is your ticket to swoon-worthy romance and undeniable chemistry. Don't miss out—indulge in these tales of passion and find your perfect match today!

His jeans hug his tight backside and his muscles ripple as he swings his hammer and hauls lumber to and from the site. He is completely unaware of the world around him.

James is my best friend’s twin brother, my boss, and a complete jerk.

He barely looks up when he comes and goes from the office, dropping orders onto the pile of papers already on my desk.

I should leave, move back to the city but I am good at this job and the business is growing, thanks to me.

My best friend and his crew step in and let him know that he is screwing up a chance for something more than a good assistant. Things begin to change, but James is so damn focussed on business.

He is good at building homes and barking orders, but if James wants me to stay he better pay attention to more than just his to-do list.

I never expected my cross-country road trip to lead me straight into the arms of danger and desire.

When my car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, I'm rescued by the ruggedly handsome mechanic, Kyle.

Despite his gruff demeanor, there's something irresistible about him that draws me in.

But as we clash over repairs, I soon discover that Kyle is hiding a dangerous secret—he's a billionaire laying low after a messy business deal.

As we spend more time together, our attraction intensifies, but I can't shake the feeling that I don't belong in his world of wealth and privilege.

Can our love withstand the secrets and obstacles that threaten to tear us apart?

I never imagined my escape to the mountains would lead to the most electrifying encounter of my life.

As a single mom with a past full of scars, buying a run-down home seemed like the perfect way to start over.

But one sizzling night with a sexy older stranger changed everything—especially when I discovered he’s Alex, the contractor I hired to restore my new sanctuary.

With his rugged charm and hands that work magic, Alex ignites desires I’ve long buried.

When my ex-husband threatens to tear my world apart, Alex stands by me. He shows he wants me in more than just his bed.

I surrender to the searing passion between us but when Alex's ex shows up, I feel betrayed and shattered.

Should I let Alex in and renovate my life or let the past control me?